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Version 2.4.0 brings major long-lasting bug fixes and information about known bugs and issues alongside new page updates. ETFN Update


The mobile menu and desktop menu have been updated to feel more straightforward to view/operate

- Minor updates to the home page layout

- The 'Fortnite' page has been updated with an event countdown for "The Big Bang"

- Recent events were added


- ETFN 3 is in the works. NOT ETFN 4

- The Cosmetics view page works properly on tablets

- All visible images on pages have alt text for easy viewing access for accessibility requirements

- SEO was updated for a few pages

TEST LLAMA CONTRIBUTERS: The new test numbers are now required! You now must include a # before your original number.

Pages have been updated with feedback provided by testers.


- Image error on the home page

- Incorrect SEO for some pages

- Progress page end date is incorrect. (correct date is Dec 2nd @11:30 PM ET)

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